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23rd July 2018
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16th August 2018

Waking Night Care for Mr Coates

Mr Coates* is in his late 80’s and has recently been diagnosed with Dementia. He also suffers respiratory issues and arthritis. Due to deterioration in his condition, Mr Coates had started to wake during the night and become disorientated and confused.

For a time Mrs Coates would wake and sit with him to offer reassurance, however when she started to suffer due to lack of sleep, Mr Coates’s three children started to take it in turns to sit with him during the night.

As Mr Coates’s periods of wakefulness increased in duration and frequency, and he became more frightened and confused, his family started to look for professional help. They wanted support from someone who could keep him safe but just as importantly keep him company, reassured and offer friendliness.


Understanding needs and concerns

Mr Coates’ son, Adam*, contacted Interserve Healthcare to find out about the options available. A local Client Care Manager visited Mr Coates and his family at his home. They reviewed Mr Coates’ medical history and spoke with him to understand his conditions, recent deterioration, why he was waking at night and the impact this was having on him and his family. Mr Coates’ wife and family members also spoke openly about their concerns. Mr Coates was fully involved in the organisation of his care and expressed his preferences around his care.


How we helped Mr Coates

Mr Coates now receives support from a small team of trained and friendly carers, with one staying overnight in his home. As he now has a routine in place for when he wakes, Mr Coates’ anxiety has reduced and he is able to settle and sleep more easily. This gives him more quality time with his family during the day. Mr Coates’ family see a more relaxed and interactive man during the day and have also seen a huge improvement in their mother’s health due to her being able to concentrate on resting and recuperating without worrying about her husband’s night time routine.

Interserve Healthcare continues to support the family, offering flexibility when Mr Coates is feeling well by reducing his waking night support to sleeping night care and resuming full waking nights should he experience higher levels of waking. Our local community nurse is available to work with Mr Coates’ GP on behalf of his family to support at any time when a review of his medication is needed.


*Names have been changed