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23rd July 2018
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16th August 2018

Sleeping Night Care for Jayne

Jayne* is a sociable 87 year old lady who lives independently in her home, which is attached to her daughter, Sally’s* house in Glasgow. Jayne is very active during the day and spends time with her family. However at night feels very lonely and vulnerable.

Jayne’s daughter spends time with her, talking and making sure the house is secure before she goes off to sleep. Although Jayne was able to look after her own needs, Jayne’s family were planning a holiday and felt their mother would benefit from having someone else in the house at night for company and reassurance.


Jayne’s Care Requirements

Sally contacted Interserve Healthcare and discussed her concerns over the phone with a local branch care co-ordinator. They recommended that a Sleeping Night Care service for the 14 days when Jayne would be away.

Several weeks before Sally’s holiday, a care co-ordinator visited Jayne and Sally to discuss their preferences and what kind of help and support Jayne would need from her carers. After the meeting, three potential Interserve Healthcare Assistant profiles were put forward to Jayne, so that she could choose one which felt most suitable.

Jayne selected Maria*, and a meeting was arranged before care started, for everyone to meet at Jayne’s house.


How We Helped Jayne

Maria went to Jayne’s house each evening at 8pm, and spent time with Jayne, talking and watching television before she settling off to bed. Once Jayne was in bed, Maria made sure both houses were safe and secure, and that there was sufficient food and necessities in the house for the following day. Once this was done, Maria then retired to her room for the night. On some occasions Jayne would wake in the night and Maria would reassure her, get her a drink or support her with personal care. Each morning Maria helped Jayne to get breakfast before leaving for the day. Jayne looked forward to her time with her Maria, and was pleased to be able to stay safely in her own home. Sally was able to go on holiday with peace of mind that her mother had safe and suitable care.

* Names have been changed for data protection.