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Integrating Care Teams

Our strong track record working with Case Managers has allowed us to identify trends in the market and adapt our services according to what your clients need and what works best for you.

An increase in the number of clients coming to us with directly employed Support Workers, who are engaged for a few hours support per week and funded by Direct Payments, has lead us to deliver a service where care teams can be integrated to benefit the client, the Case Manager and the Support Workers themselves.

Working with directly employed care teams

It is often the case that a care package that delivers care for limited hours by Direct Payments is not robust enough to meet the needs of the client. As the result, their Case Manager will seek to engage a provider such as ourselves to supply additional support funded by the client’s private fund.

In cases such as this we have entered discussions with both the client and their Case Manager about employing the directly employed Support Workers on their behalf and continuing to provide them to the client in one co-ordinated care package.

The Benefits of an integrated care team

  • All Support Workers working from the same detailed care plan.
  • All Support Workers receiving the same level of training specific to the client.
  • The client and their family no longer have to worry about organising rotas and all the issues around effectively becoming an employer.
  • All Support Workers receive the same level of supervisions, appraisals, training updates, clinical support, holiday pay and access to future career development.

Directly employed Support Workers will often want to increase the hours they work with their client, beyond the level that they have been contracted for under Direct Payments. By employing them ourselves we are able to offer them additional hours as part of the more robust care package that has been requested. By doing so, there are many other tangible benefits which include:

  • Better continuity for your client, as often their directly employed Support Workers will pick up many of the additional hours and they will be familiar to your client.
  • A reduced chance of the directly employed workers seeking work elsewhere as often the minimal hours they are awarded under Direct Payments means they have to seek other positions.

By utilising all our services effectively, your client will be able to use the funds they receive from Direct Payments to continue to pay for their support, by paying us to provide those workers plus additional support paid for by their private funds, resulting in a completely integrated and highly trained care team that delivers support which is consistent in its approach.

Should you wish to discuss any of the points detailed with our dedicated Case Management Team we are available for informal discussions. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly on 0800 694 4111.





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