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How do we keep you safe?

Interserve Healthcare understands that for many people inviting a care provider into their life can be a significant change. It can be a difficult decision which can cause anxiety or worry.

We have policies, training and employment checks we follow to ensure the staff we provide are safe, sensible and caring. We are proud of the training we provide staff about how to keep clients safe and to understand the risks and signs of abuse and what to do if these are ever seen. We check the way staff work and make sure you can always raise any concerns you may have. All our staff have a series of back ground checks to ensure they have not done things in the past which would not make them a suitable person to provide care.

The systems for keeping people safe from abuse are called ‘Safeguarding’ and there are Safeguarding Teams in every local authority. We work closely with these teams whenever there are concerns about people and take the safeguarding of both adults and children very seriously.

There is a lot more about Safeguarding on the website of most Local Authorities.

We also understand what is expected of us under the Health & Safety laws. We have a dedicated Health & Safety Manager who supports and advises our branch offices and we check standards in health and safety carefully.

To find out more about this Act, click here >>>

Supporting Your Rights

There are laws we take seriously that make sure that people we provide care to are treated fairly and equally. Interserve Healthcare is committed to the principles of equality and fairness in the services we provide and the ideals of honesty, fairness and equal treatment for all of our staff and clients is very important to us.

Human Rights Act

The Human Rights Act protects all of us, whether young or old, rich or poor. It has been made law so people are treated with the same respect and dignity by the state and services provided by the state.

Find out more about the Human Rights Act

Equality Act

The Equality Act 2010 ensures that we provide our services to everyone in exactly the same way regardless of their:



Marital Status


Religion, beliefs or culture

Sexual orientation

Gender or gender identify

We take very seriously any behaviour by our staff that treats people badly because of differences or who the person is. We train our staff about equality and human rights to ensure they understand what is expected of them at work.

Find out more about the Equality Act





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