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Care Options

Interserve Healthcare is proud of it’s ability to offer a truly personalised service to all of our clients.

We have the capability to adapt our services to meet the varying levels of support required, such as;

  • Full supply and management of specialist complex care packages
  • Supplying healthcare staff to an existing team fitting into your rota
  • Holiday or respite cover
  • Emergency response to crisis situations

We provide a number of flexible care options that can be selected individually, or combined to ensure the necessary level of support is achieved. This includes:

Daily Visits

Our healthcare professionals can visit each client throughout the day to provide support with all aspects of daily living from one hour* through to an entire day.

Night Care

If a client requires care throughout the night we have two options available;

Sleeping Nights

During a sleeping night our staff can be on hand in the client's home for them to call as they need. A bed is provided for our Healthcare Assistant to sleep, but they have peace of mind that there is someone there if required. During a sleeping night our workers are able to be disturbed up to three times.

Waking Night

If a client’s care needs are greater and they require further support during the night, waking nights will provide the most appropriate level of care. During a waking night our worker would be awake and alert throughout the shift to deliver all care required.

Where a client requires someone to be with them at all times of the day and night, we can provide two options;

24 Hour Care

For service users who require care throughout the day and night we can provide healthcare professionals to visit on a rota basis, ensuring a full 24 hour period is covered.

Live In Care

When a Nurse or Healthcare Assistant lives in with a client, they are expected to work up to 12 hours within a 24 hour period. They will then be able to get a full nights sleep in the client’s home, allowing them to care for the client safely and effectively. During the sleeping night element, our workers are able to be disturbed up to three times for short durations.

You can either select one of the services above or combine more than one to achieve the level of care that is required.





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