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Meet Interserve Healthcare’s On call team

Interserve’s care at home staff are supported 24 hours, seven days a week by their local branch team and out of hours by the healthcare professional On Call team.

Whilst many people are sleeping or enjoying time with family, staff running Interserve’s at home care packages, are providing complex care for hundreds of clients across the country.

They couldn’t do this without the support and back up provided by the team of 24 Out of Hours healthcare consultants.

Aimee Pearson, who has worked for Interserve for over five years, is On Call Manager. She oversees the team which provide back up support from 5pm at night through to 8am in the morning, plus weekends and bank holidays and including Christmas and New Year’s Day.

During the recent snowy weather this spring, the team were handling over 20 calls an hour, at peak time this reached 50 calls an hour. They were very busy reassuring clients and their families that nurses and healthcare assistants were on their way, making alternative arrangements for cover and arranging extra transport for care staff.

Providing an expert healthcare consultant to all our client care staff is part of Interserve’s commitment to excellent service. Staff are often working in a new environment, or reviewing medication and regular processes, when the branch office is closed, the On Call service is their extended team.

On Call service covers

  • Emergency contact for clients and CCS 
  • Ensuring the safety and well being of clients and CCS
  • Able to assist with incidents and provide clients and CCS with support
  • Able to advise actions that CCS should take in unexpected or emergency situations 

The first weekend in March was exceptionally busy. Aimee said: “The team dealt with a total of 246 cases with most of these being urgent in priority. Most the team made it into the office despite bad weather, and those that couldn’t assisted remotely. Consultants that were not on the rota also chipped in to assist their colleagues and to maintain safety and consistency to our clients and staff.

“As a team everyone worked hard to ensure positive resolutions to all cases that came in and above all ensure all of our clients and staff remained safe and supported in out of hours.”

Photo caption: (left to right) Deputy On Call Manager, Faye Hale, On Call Manager, Aimee Pearson, members of the On Call team at head office. 





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