Starting Care with us – 6 stages

When arranging your care package, we follow a clear process to ensure that you receive a truly bespoke and high quality care service. Our consistent approach underpins our strict governance and quality assurance to make sure that you receive excellent care wherever you live.

At Interserve Healthcare, this is what you can expect when we commence a care package.

Receiving your enquiry, or a referral from healthcare organisation on your behalf

A specialist in a team located locally in your area will receive your enquiry and get in touch with you to discuss provision of care and collect some initial information.

If you are looking to pay for care privately, or the care will be funded through case management, then we will provide an outline of costs.

Complex Care Assessment in your own home

We will arrange for a Client Care Manager and an Interserve Healthcare Nurse to visit you and close relatives or other members of your household, in your own home. We will spend time to get to know you and compile information for your personal profile as well as your care plan. During the visit we will also carry out all other appropriate risk assessments.


Creating your care plan

With this information we will make a recommendation about the suitable nature and frequency of care to meet your needs. If you are a private client we will confirm the costs of the proposed care package.

We will then include all this information in a formal care plan which we will discuss with you by phone or in person. We will answer any of your questions or those of your family and ensure that you are happy with every aspect. You have a final say in what is included in your care plan, unless this responsibility is awarded to a relative of guardian.

Choosing care staff for your care

With your agreement, the staff who met you will identify a selection of Interserve client care staff with the skills and aptitude to support you in-line with your care plan. We always offer to arrange for you to meet these care staff in a ‘meet and greet’ prior to the start of your care. In some instances we may book additional staff for the first few visits, such as a nurse to supervise the start of your care package. And we will run additional training, relevant to your needs, with our care staff.

Starting your care package

Our Client Care Manager will make frequent calls and visits in the first two weeks of your care provision.

Before your care starts, you will know who to expect and when they will be coming to see you. In most cases you will have met the care staff who will be providing care.

Reviewing your care

Each care package will be reviewed after six weeks of it starting and then every few months after that. We will review the care plan if your needs change, if any of our staff change or if staff notice any changes such as behaviour or physiology. Any changes to your care plan will be discussed with you and included in your printed care plan which is available in your home and in our records.