Spinal Injury Care

Interserve Healthcare is an expert provider of spinal injury care, delivering care and support to over 70 individuals with a spinal injury within the UK.

We recognise that those with spinal injuries have unique needs due to the severity of their injury. The majority of individuals living with a spinal injury want to live in their own home, many want to follow a chosen career and some want to challenge the limits of their independence. For this reason we deliver care and support that focuses on helping each patient to integrate back into their home environment, as well as supporting their independence during work and social activities.

Supporting our Spinal Injury Patients

Through our diverse database of highly skilled, registered nurses, healthcare assistants and support workers, we can provide expert spinal injury care to clients with a variety of clinical and behavioural needs.

For clients with complex nursing needs, we will arrange bespoke training and ongoing supervision for care staff providing your care.

We have proven experience in delegating clinical tasks in spinal injury care packages, which include;

Tracheostomy care

Ventilator care

Bowel care, including Manual Evacuation

Bladder Wash

Catheter Care


Administration of medication

Autonomic Dysreflexia protocol

Physiotherapy Regime, (trained and delegated by client’s Physiotherapist)

We allocate a lead nurse to provide supervision and ensure that delegated task competencies are continually assessed. This ensures that your goals and outcomes are achieved whilst providing cost-effective and quality care.

Spinal Injury Care

Brain Injury Care

Many of our clients with spinal injuries also have brain injuries. To read about how we help those with brain conditions to live aspirational lives, visit this page https://www.interservehealthcare.com/care-services/brain-injury-care.

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