Brain Injury Care

At Interserve Healthcare around one in five of our clients have brain and spinal conditions. Our brain injuries support often includes help with personal care, feeding, hoisting and ventilation, tracheostomy care and medication.

Acquired brain injuries

The most common effect on an individual with an acquired brain injury, whether subtle or severe, will be changes to their everyday behaviour. To help each individual to return to living as full a life as possible following their injury, we work with multi-disciplinary care teams and incorporate their rehabilitation management plans to complement our own. Our aim is to equip the client and their family with the right tools to help them to cope with the changes in their lives.

We can support clients in the transition from hospital to home, be that returning to their own home or moving in with close family. To help clients to continue making progress, we will design a bespoke and structured support plan with guidance and input from therapists and other healthcare professionals.

Acquired and traumatic brain injury assessments

Interserve Healthcare will carry out a comprehensive assessment on all of our brain and spinal injury clients and focus on their requirements, abilities, clinical needs, hopes and desires.

Interserve Healthcare’s care staff will help each client to achieve their personal goals by:

Motivating and supporting activities of daily living such as personal care, shopping, finances and attending appointments

Clinical support, such as tracheostomy care, seizure management or medication administration

Working with multi-disciplinary teams, including neuropsychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and case managers

Motivating and supporting with cognitive activities

Support with communication

Academic support

Encouraging active participation in new or existing interests and hobbies

Supporting to fulfil desires such as going on holiday or seeing family and friends more often

Brain Injury Care

Spinal Injury Care

Many of our clients with brain injury care needs also have spinal injury care needs.

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