Autism Spectrum Support

Interserve Healthcare can support adults, young people and children on the Autistic Spectrum across the UK. We have reliable and experienced support care staff who are trained to deliver the highest standards of care to clients.

We recognise that every person is an individual and for those on the Austistic Spectrum the degree of support required will vary enormously from one client to another. Our local team will work with you and your loved ones create an individual care package and ensure you enjoy a safe and structured environment. Our care staff are chosen for their excellent communication and care skills and they will focus on helping you to feel valued, secure and happy and to achieve wellbeing and grow in confidence.

Through care in your own home, Interserve Healthcare’s experienced nurses and assistants will provide encouragement and help you to access your local community. Our care routines will be developed with you to support you and help you to achieve your personal goals.

What is included in our Autism Support Services?

Interserve Healthcare packages are developed and managed by our client care managers who will establish and adjust the care provided as your needs change. We strive to help each person achieve their own aspirations in life whilst recognising and understanding that life itself can pose many challenges which some may find more testing than others.

It is important that all our clients are able to build trusting, long lasting relationships with their carers and our autism service carers will be trained appropriately according to continuous assessment of your care needs.

Autism Spectrum Care

Personal Care and Daily Living Tasks

Promoting independence is of paramount importance and we will work with you to increase your own skills, provide encouragement and take guidance from you as our client and those closest to you.


Communication is essential to building a positive and trusting relationship and our carers are experienced in all kinds of communication for people on the Autistic spectrum.

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